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Plastic Injection Mold Design
Plastic Part Design
Part Redesign for Mold ability
Mold Design Evaluation
Electrode Pulling
Full 3D Solidworks Designer
20 years in the industry in the USA

Check out our new free online course on how to design for mold ability.

Wide range of mold design experience including: unthreading, multistage ejection, stripper, insert, stack, family, hot runner, three plate, overmolding, back gated, collapsible cores, hydraulic core pulls, slides, Lifters, prototype and production molds.

I'm quite familiar with other types of manufacturing as well.

Not convinced? Are you looking for a good salesman or a good designer? The only way you'll know is if you give me a try. To make it easier for you, I'll give you a $200 off on each of the first two jobs, a total of $400.

I design in Solidworks, which is one of the best solid modeling cad software available. I can import and export xt, xb, igs, step, dxf, and various other formats.

I'm very flexible and willing to adjust my design style to suit your needs. If you have a Wire EDM, I will design to make full use of it, which reduces labor as well as reducing machine time for other bottle neck machines. If one of your machines tends to be bottle neck, let me know. I can often adjust my designs to reduce the load on a particular machine.